Product Rating:

Total Carp "Used and Abused"


Test period: Three months.
Korda's James Armstrong says: This year has seen
me fishing a couple of waters that require
the minimum of disturbance. One false cast
and you could blow your chances of a pickup.
Consequently, I had to get a boat – the
smallest, stealthiest one that I could find.
This compact little gem purrs along the
surface causing no disturbance as you guide it
to its destination. It can be transported to my
swim easily and is compact enough to sneak
into little nooks and crannies, safely of course.
It features a single hopper, ideal for perfect
rig presentation at ranges of up to 400 metres,
along with the capability of carrying up to 1kg
of bait – quite incredible for its size.
The front and rear LEDs are easily seen at
night, but they are not too obtrusive. The
weed cages on the propellers are a nice
touch as well.
Casting will always be my preference but
on the odd occasion when I need it, the
Shuttle is ideal.
A great boat for depositing small amounts of
bait. Good value too.


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