Tolson TF640 GPS Feature Finder



Simply drop the hopper when traveling at speed either along a spot (great on silty depressions at the foot of bars or margins) or across a feature to draw fish from different levels and to create a path for them to follow.



  • Displays distance to target, distance to home, speed of boat, time to board, satellite number, heading, bearing, course memory, time of day and main battery meter
  • Compass indicator of the boat’s direction on screen (a red “+” on screen indicates the target)
  • Indicator of the position and distance to target waypoint and home
  • Boat arriving alarm
  • Shows the current position as latitude/longitude in decimal degrees
  • 20 RF channels allow different users operation at same region without interference
  • Detailed waypoint information including icon, name, date, etc
  • Zoom in / out route display


  • Real time sonar windows display the latest sonar returns
  • Colour line separates fish and structure from the bottom, and defines bottom hardness
  • Sonar alarm: Fish / shallow / low battery (boat battery and display battery)
  • Built-in temperature sensor in transducer


  • Sensor Cable Length: 0.5m
  • Sonar unit size: 153 x 110 x 44mm
  • Portable Case Size: 262 x 150 x 98mm
  • Operational Temperature: -10°C ~ 50°C
  • Water Temp. Included in Transducer FEATURES
  • Display target depth reading above each fish symbol
  • Displays fish targets at higher boat speeds
  • Feature memory remembers settings
  • Fresh / Salt water environment
  • Rugged portable case gives the full protection to Fishfinder while in storage or transport(optional)
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